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Membership Assistance

Membership Assistance is available, please stop at the front desk for more information.

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Yearly Membership Cost

Adult Couple$418.00$29.26$447.26
Adult Single$275.00$19.25$294.25
Senior Couple$376.00$26.32$402.32
Senior Single$201.00$14.07$215.07
Young Adult$201.00$14.07$215.07
Walking Pass$170.00$11.90$181.90
Youth Day Pass (4-18)$4.67$0.33$5.00
Adult Day Pass (over 18)$6.54$0.46$7.00
6-Month Walking Pass$106.00$7.42$113.42

Monthly Membership Cost

Adult Couple$37.83$2.65$40.48
Adult Single$25.92$1.81$27.73
Senior Single$19.75$1.38$21.13
Senior Couple$34.33$2.40$36.73
Young Adult$19.75$1.38$21.13
Walking Pass$17.17$1.20$18.37

Monthly Business Partner Cost

Adult Couple$34.82$2.44$37.26
Adult Single$22.91$1.60$24.51
Senior Single$16.76$1.17$17.93
Senior Couple$31.33$2.19$33.52
Young Adult$16.76$1.17$17.93
Walking Pass$14.16$.99$15.15

Participating Business

Avera Holy Family Hospital / Holiday Express / City of Estherville / Hy-Vee / Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District / Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative / Good Samaritan / NorthStar Bank / GKN

Gift Certificates

Don’t forget about the RWC Gift Certificates and Membership Gift Cards. They make great gifts. Give the gift of health this year. Gift Certificates are available in any amount. Gift Cards may be purchased for any membership type.

Contact Bob Grems, RWC Director for additional information. The RWC will mail your Gift Certificates and gift cards for you if you would like.

Iowa Lakes Community College Students

Check with the RWC front desk or call us for special discounts for Iowa Lakes students.

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Membership Definitions

Includes spouse or domestic partner and children (custodial and/or non-custodial) ages 18 and under or still in high school. Foster children and foreign exchange students residing in the home are included in the membership. Note: Young adults ages 19-22, whether attending college or not, are NOT included in the family membership.

Adult Couple
Includes married or domestic couple residing at the same residence.

Adult Single
Those individuals ages of 23-64.

Senior Couple
Includes a married or domestic couple residing at the same residence, where at least one partner has obtained the age of 65.

Senior Single
Includes individuals age 65 or over.

Young Adult
Includes individuals ages 19-22.

Includes children ages 4 through 18, or over 18 and still in high school.

Walking Pass
Includes walking track usage only. Note: With intended use for adults and seniors.

Child Day Pass
Includes an individual one-day pass for children ages 18 and under.

Adult Day Pass
Over the age of 18

Family Day Pass
Family is defined as spouses or domestic partners and their children ages 18 and under or still in high school.

Membership Policies & Procedures

  1. You may purchase a membership by either paying the full amount fee up front or signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Payroll Deduction through a participating RWC Business Partner. No memberships will be billed on a month to month basis.
  2. You may use cash, check and/or credit card for initial payment or full payment of membership.
  3. Memberships are based on a yearly agreement. Cancellations will not be granted except for special circumstances.
  4. Your membership begins with full year payment, or first month payment if using EFT or Payroll Deduction, and activation of your membership card.
  5. Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be frozen at any time.
  6. You may upgrade your membership at any time by signing up to either pay the difference or increasing your EFT payment.
  7. Membership level reduction will only be allowed when your membership is up for renewal.
  8. When age is a factor in determining a membership category, you must have obtained the age at the time of purchase.
  9. Children of parents that do not live with them must be declared up front on their membership information in order to obtain family membership privileges.
  10. You may be asked to show verification of information when purchasing a membership.

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